About Us

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Hussein Mohammed Al Hosani

Hussein Mohammed Al Hosani Law Firm and Legal Consultation is one of the most promising offices operating in the United Arab Emirates. It is distinguished by the strength of attendance before all state courts of all levels and official and private bodies. The office includes a distinguished team of lawyers and legal advisors specialized in various branches of law and for those who have legal expertise in all legal fields, for example, but not limited to experience in pleading before all state courts in all its various degrees, as well as providing all legal advice in various branches of criminal, commercial, maritime law, civil law, banking and finance, concession contracts, tax and labor disputes, intellectual property, legal transactions, external mediation, trademarks, arbitration contracts and the establishment of companies. The interest that enables them to obtain their rights.

Our Vision / Goals

Our vision and main objective is to achieve our goals while adhering to the core values. They are honor, integrity, impartiality, objectivity, honesty and credibility. We aim at the rule of law, achieving justice, and showing the truth with honesty and credibility. We also strive to defend the honor of our profession through Adopting the highest levels of professionalism and maintaining client secrets, as we communicate, follow up and provide our valued clients with the latest developments related to cases in a timely manner, and help them choose the best options available to us.

Therefore, all the services mentioned above make us the best choice for anyone looking for legal services with credibility and transparency.

Our Mission

Working on the voice of truth and dealing with all kinds of legal issues, and overcoming the legal challenges facing individuals or companies in their personal and practical lives, and our commitment to this is to benefit the client and bring him to the highest levels of benefit from our legal skills and expertise that correspond to the needs of our clients, in order to solve problems and complexities in As soon as possible in a peaceful party, taking into account the elements of time and transparency. We also strive to achieve the aspirations and interests of our valued clients, and to meet all their legal requirements and needs, we provide special services to upgrade to a better level to achieve client satisfaction.

Our high-level services help us provide the best and achieve our goals of making us a model to be followed in achieving justice with integrity, sincerity and transparency. Our professional services are mostly legal services of high quality, and they elevate and culminate with the satisfaction of our valued clients.