Our Services

Our Services

1. Special customer services It includes (company contracts – work contracts – personal status – establishing private companies between individuals – all legal advice – opening and following up on communications)

2. Customer Services From corporate bodies and companies, including – (commercial law – maritime law – bankruptcy – intellectual property – incorporation)

3. Litigation Attendance before all courts of different degrees and types

The following is a brief summary of our office's work in these areas:

One: Special customer services, including the following:

Hussein Mohammed Al Hosani Law Firm and Legal Consultation provides all legal services to its individual clients through a group of highly qualified and experienced legal advisors that enable them to provide a helping hand in the following areas:

  • Partnership Contracts
  • All legal advice
  • Work contracts
  • Inheritance and inheritance law
  • Incorporation of private companies
  • Opening and following up on reports
  • Arbitration, negotiation and commercial mediation

Our office includes a legal team with legal expertise in all areas of commercial arbitration between companies and corporate bodies, as well as between ordinary persons, all in order to resolve disputes in the ways regulated by the Arbitration Law.

Two: Customer services from corporate bodies and companies include the following:

Our office provides all legal services for legal bodies and companies not only in the United Arab Emirates, but also includes international legal bodies that operate within the United Arab Emirates. These legal services are as follows.

  • Companies Law
  • Franchising
  • Licenses
  • Employment Law
  • Establishment of commercial companies in all its different branches
  • Registration of business relations

Our office is proficient in dealing with everything related to maritime law, in addition to providing legal opinion to insurance companies and owners of these companies and shipping and shipping companies in all matters relating to the following.

  • Domestic and international maritime law rules
  • Corporate disputes
  • Shipbuilding contracts
  • Concerning the sale, purchase and rental of ships

Our office includes a legal team that has the legal expertise that enables it to respond to all legal problems related to bankruptcy or liquidation procedures.

Our office provides all legal advice related to insurance services, including transportation, shipping and traffic responsibility.

Our office includes a distinguished team and has legal experience in registering intellectual property and commercial transactions. The countries of our office are represented in carrying out work related to the following aspects.

  • Trademark law
  • Trademark registration
  • Copyrights
  • Patent
Our office includes a legal team that enables it to provide legal advice to companies and also drafts the main contracts between companies as well as sub-contracts.
Our office represents the legal representation of many national and international banking institutions within the United Arab Emirates. The office also represents clients in all banking transactions in the following areas.
  • Drafting agreements of credit facilities
  • Underwriting and debt scheduling
  • Debts collection
  • Facilitation to obtain economic feasibility studies

Three: Litigation

Hussain Muhammad Al Hosani office is a promising legal institution and has outstanding legal expertise that always enables it to extend assistance and assistance to all individuals and companies in order to achieve a result that satisfies the client. All areas of law. Our office is also pleased to provide legal expertise to clients by representing companies and individuals before the courts of all degrees in accordance with the agreement that satisfies our clients, whether the calculation of fees is in exchange for working hours (Timesheet) or enter into annual agreements for legal advice and attendance on behalf of our clients.
We seek to provide distinguished service, which aims to achieve the interest of our clients in all legal fields. This makes us the best for anyone looking for credible and transparent legal services.